Jakks VMIGO Console with Dog – Handheld

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Jakks VMIGO Console with Dog – Handheld Description

Product description Pick a pocket-sized portable pet, and take him with you on the go. Most dogs, even notoriously friendly ones like Golden Retrievers, don’t take too kindly to being dressed up in silly outfits. And then there’s the shedding and smell factors of dog ownership, not to mention the risks to allergic family members. So what’s an animal lover to do? Get a virtual Golden Retriever, of course! This particular fellow from Vmigo is full of energy and will love playing catch, the Sniffing Game, Disc Duel, or going on adventures. He’ll do tricks for his master, and if you brush him and give him treats and take him out when he needs a potty break, he’ll reward you with hours of slavish love. This virtual pup appears on the tiny screen of the Vmigo handheld or, if docked with the TV docking system, on your TV screen. Earn Pet Points by being a good dog owner, and use them toward ‘buying’ supplies necessary to keep your pooch healthy and happy, or even to buy a new dog! Two pop-up menus allow owners to interact with their Golden (feeding, playing, moving him around, etc.). If players have a friend with another Vmigo pet, both users can link together to share the fun. And the docking system allows players to turn the hound loose on the big screen in full color and with vastly enhanced activities in Doggy Town! Requires three ‘AAA’ batteries (included) and four ‘C’ batteries (not included).–Emilie Coulter See all Product description

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