LeapPad Plus Writing Learning System

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LeapPad Plus Writing Learning System Description

Product Description In addition to teaching phonics and reading fundamentals, the LeaplPad Plus Writing by LeapFrog teaches writing and math. The ‘magic’ pencil brings books to life. In the writing mode, it lets kids practice writing letters, numbers, shapes and more. In the non-writing mode it gives voice to pictures and words. Features include on/off switch, volume control, headphone jack and more. Comes with 2 interactive books to get you started. One teaches reading, phonics, vocabulary, science, geography and foreign languages. The other works on writing numbers and letters, phonics, writing words, drawing shapes and math. Works with the entire LeapPad library. Imported. LeapFrog’s arsenal of learning toys are all designed to boost children’s skills at an early age and get them ahead of the curve. And what could offer a better head start than the LeapPad, which is essentially a lightweight child-sized laptop. Instead of a mouse, the LeapPad comes with a wide easy-to-grip pen that allows children to point to pictures to hear music or sound effects or point to words to hear them spoken. In addition, kids can use the pen to practice making letters and numbers. This set comes with two books focused on writing skills and children place them inside the LeapPad tablet and boot up to begin learning. This learning system pack come with a writing practice book geared to pre-kindergarteners to first graders to teach how to write letters, numbers, words, and equations. A second interactive book offers an assortment of stories and lessons in phonics, science, geography, music, and more. –Cristina Vaamonde

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