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MGA Plant Monsterz Creeper – MIUCHIZ Virtual Companions Description

Color:Creeper Product description Miuchiz are the latest in virtual companions. From the Manufacturer Miuchiz are the new generation of virtual companions–digital, interactive, colorful characters that you customize, personalize, and stylize. Featuring full-color screens, Miuchiz also come with push-button touchscreen response, motion sensors, and ‘train and feed them’ play. Also, Miuchiz have three modes of play! Now you can play on your own, with your friends, or online! One-Player Mode: Being part of Miuchiz also means you’re never alone. The one-player mode includes a menu full of play options. Check out your inventory in your own room, go to the mall to shop for stuff, or relax at the spa. Each unit comes with three games. Two-Player Mode: The two-player mode lets you wirelessly interact with your friends, ‘call out’ to other Miuchiz characters, beam gifts, and compete in games. Online Mode: But the fun doesn’t stop there! Miuchiz is the first virtual character-based toy you can plug into a computer and enter into an online community. It’s called Planet Mion. It’s an amazing interactive world in which you can explore, play games, download cool stuff to your handheld unit, and chat with your friends. And you can do it all with your favorite Miuchiz character! Take all the changes from the Web site, download to your handheld, and play on the go again! With Miuchiz, the possibilities are endless.

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