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Spy Gear Capture Cam Description

Product Description Catch suspects in the act with this high tech spy camera When no one’s around, set out the camera As soon as your suspect walks by, the camera senses their movement and automatically takes a picture Protect your room and secret stuff — catch them red handed From the Manufacturer The Capture Cam is a motion-activated digital camera that automatically takes pictures when it detects movement. Set the camera to capture a single photo or series of images in rapid succession. Once your evidence has been gathered, connect the camera to your computer using the included USB cord. Upload the photos and review them with the Spy Photo Lab editing software (available for free download at The photo lab contains a collection of filters and frames that enable you to add special effects to your pictures including caution tape, thermal-colored, black & white and high-contrast photo effects. The photos from the Capture Cam can be viewed without downloading the software. (For assistance please contact Spy Gear Customer Service at 800-247-6570 x4 or M-F 9am -5pm.)

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