TAMAGGOTCHI 4U PURPLE ( Tamagotchi 4U Purple)

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TAMAGGOTCHI 4U PURPLE ( Tamagotchi 4U Purple) Description

Product introduction Reincarnation completely new Tamagotchi, which was equipped with a ‘Tatchitsu Shin feature’ a new sense as a ‘Life Tools’, appeared! As ‘TAMAGOTCHI 4U’ -to-Shin of 4U with each other, of course, and smartphones and Bandai data spot such as NFC equipped devices, in town of touch the ‘tOUCH SPOT’, also download of the characters and actual-to-use coupon to be brought up. Praise, scold function, ‘Kose?on life’ has been added, nurturing play also greatly power up! Add the Tamagotchi to be brought up in the download you just to 4U! Indebted soon at it is clear look and personality of Tamagotchi! Growth precisely because it seems, you want to grow many times. In the ‘scolding’, ‘praise’, ‘can’ increase! Personality by care of how flowering! Precisely because Tamagotchi our growth can be seen, there is a purchase brought up. 1. rebellious stage: When the firm to take care, further up the affection when’ll compliment properly when you can so very well go to the ‘toilet’ and ‘Ofuro’ alone!. 2. Friends Period:! If you get a get skills ‘Oh Yo skills’ in extracurricular activities or become able to create a robot on their own, so that dance is dance. 3. Kose?on life: individuality is ‘life on Kose?’ flowering fat or skinny or, or extremely seriously, gray or, flowering care of the way as soon as the user’s personality! Use battery: two AAA 4 ~ (supplied)

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